Tennis: World No. 2 Zverev reveals he has diabetes

Diagnosed at the age of three and a half, the 25-year-old German has just created a foundation to fight against the disease. He wants to help children with type 1 diabetes by leading a healthy and active life.

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World tennis hopeful Alexander Zverev has long hidden his diabetes on the court or at a press conference. More than 20 years after being mediocre, the 25-year-old German, the second player in the world, finally spoke on the subject this Monday, August 8 in a long interview with the newspaper L’Equipe, where he explains how he manages his illness. .

A disease hidden by Zverev

I have the player in my racquet bag. The ATP authorizes me to use it (…) I control myself at each change of side. I don’t have an insulin pump, I do the injections myself. I always have my insulin pen with me“, he explains to the French sports daily.

Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of three and a half, Alexander Zverev has long been ashamed to speak out about his disease. In a press conference, the tennis player even denies it en bloc, when a journalist asks him the question. “Who told you that ? No that’s not true.

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Help children with diabetes

After announcing his diabetes, the finalist of the US Open 2020 also announced, this Monday August 8, the creation of a foundation, based in Hamburg, “to show the world that you should not set limits because of this disease“.

On his Instagram account, the tennis player welcomed this “very special day for my family and myself. Today, the Alexander Zverev Foundation was born now, to help children with type 1 diabetes and help people prevent possible type 2 diabetes by leading a healthy and active life.

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