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Finally a good game of tennis in this decade? If good simulations are rare lately in this sports sector, the management aspect is not left out with a new opus of Rebound CG. The French studio unveils Tennis Manager 2022 as a prelude to Roland Garros, a management game in the vein of Football Manager or Pro Cycling Manager.

When management surfaces

When talking about tennis as a sport, management is a given. Managing a match, managing fatigue, managing emotions… There are many parameters to take into account as a player. And when we take into account the aspect of the career, the choice of the coach, the sponsors or the academy to train, it gives Tennis Manager 2022. to be an annual license. We embody a manager with the personality and experience of his choice, with two possibilities: create a tennis academy from scratch or join an existing academy. The first option makes it possible to define the precise objectives of the academy and its means. After registering your first player or even creating your talent from scratch (the novelty compared to the previous opus), the multitude of options unfolds. We then find the codes of Football Manager, with a space to receive important messages and make decisions.

In green under the calendar, the results of hope you don’t coach

From the hub, you can then recruit other nuggets, manage the calendar and the training of your foals, the sponsorship contracts and above all allocate the technical staff to the players. Each tennis player or tenniswoman must have a main trainer, a physical, technical and mental coach, a game plan and a physiotherapist. Note that the main coach can take care of several other aspects according to his abilities (technical for example) and that a coach can take care of several players, up to a limit of 4 allocations. A management of the coaches that we found very clever, without being cumbersome to do. You can manage a player while being a coach, or conversely just take care of management. Anyway, your assistant will ask you if you will eventually attend the finals and coach a member of your academy even if you are not their coach to avoid any frustration.

From single to double

Because in addition to managing the medium and long term in the career of the players, it is possible to take care of its nuggets in match. Chat, choice of intensity on the service, return, key points according to the qualities and faults of the opponent are required before the game. During the match, the title offers 3D rendering with a choice of cameras, possible tactical changes between points, chat… We can certainly find fault with the 3D modeling of the protagonists and the exchanges, but it is a “concern” for most sports management games. Nothing too bad then, even if we would have liked to be a little more guided on the instructions to give to steer a match in the right direction for novices.

Tennis Manager 2022: The perfect management game for Roland Garros?

Even following the advice, hard to regain control of a match

Finally, Tennis Manager 2022 provides the essentials for the genre, and manages to ensure a certain standing without Rebound CG having a huge budget. The interface is undoubtedly the most ergonomic of its kind, we navigate the menus with pleasure without getting lost in the flood of information. The big downside comes mainly from the difficulty slider : if the results of competing athletes outside the academy are faithful to reality, recruiting a hopeful with high potential will very often make him climb very high in the rankings, and too quickly. On the other hand, we really struggled to get young players or big players who were losing a lot of times back into shape, and having a few more possibilities to go up the slope would not have been too much. The ability to play doubles matches, too.

Hugo Baston or Carlos Alacatraz?

Tennis Manager 2022: The perfect management game for Roland Garros?

Playing with a mod to have the real names and photos is more pleasant

The famous problem of licenses. Like most sports or management games like Pro Cycling Manager, most Tennis Manager players see their name changed, and a lack of photo. Rafael Nadal turns into Rafael Nabal, Djokovic into Djorovic or Iga Swiatek into Swietak. However, a few French players are licensed in the game, such as Richard Gasquet, Nicolas Mahut, Grégoire Barrère or Clara Burel. Even several second foreign knives have placed their trust in CG Rebound. Finally, the number of licensed tennis players and tennis women is quite small, but the studio left the possibility of starting a career with a mod imported beforehand on the Steam Workshop. The experience is then much more pleasant than seeing Hugo Baston and Carlos Alcatraz fight at Roland Garros.

Strong points

  • Rather complete in the management of a Tennis Academy
  • Realistic in opposing results
  • Very easy to learn for a management game
  • Ergonomic interface
  • Management of live matches and multiple players
  • Added player creation
  • Realistic in opposing results…

Weak points

  • …but often too simple in the results of the hopes
  • Negative periods difficult to overcome
  • 3D modeling in perfectible match
  • Absence of real names without mod

Fun! By wanting to draw inspiration from the best sports management games, the French at Rebound CG have succeeded in their bet to be at the level in this area. Tennis Manager 2022 offers a very ergonomic interface despite the flood of information, easier to handle than its counterparts. It will certainly be necessary to go through a mod on the Workshop to have the real names of the players, but the title is very consistent in the different results of the tournaments during the season. Managing a tennis academy is a demanding exercise, even if we regret a 3D rendering of limited matches and too easy progress for young hopefuls. In short, TM 2022 is a good game for any management or tennis fan, a great opportunity for the finish of Roland Garros.

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