Textor’s new tackle at PSG and his “stupid program” in the United States

In an interview with L’Equipe, the future boss of OL John Textor spoke again of his desire to compete with PSG. And again translated a small tackle to the club of the capital, on a different theme …

He is not yet the boss of OL, but he has already launched the war of words. After having tackled Paris Saint-Germain in recent weeks (“I don’t like projects like PSG”) or mocked OM from a distance (“A very small club”), the American John Textor, future majority shareholder of Lyon, in one handed a layer on the club of the capital.

In an interview with the newspaper L’Equipe on Monday, the businessman first explains that he wants to “bring a new economy into the landscape and catch up with PSG with money that would come from applications”. Asked about the possibility of really competing with Paris, the American lets go a little… with a very specific example.

“This stupid program of the PSG Academy”

“Why not? If we bring European standards to young Americans, they will be just as good, he continues. Paris came to Florida with this stupid PSG Academy program, offering jerseys to everyone. PSG people are came and created this program, a license, and they told me that no child would go to PSG. And I thought: why? Why say that, come to Florida where there are Latinos and declare that not a None of these kids will be on the team? Why are you here? To sell shirts? If I can find eleven players in the world that you can’t find or buy, we can beat you. We won’t beat them every year but Lyon have already won against PSG.”

Which makes the future Rhone boss think that yes, OL can win Ligue 1 again: “We can win the Championship. I think the rules will change. It’s a bit as if PSG were the only team French, from outside, but I know that’s not true. To be more egalitarian, we have to find players they can’t find, increase our income and pay more. People don’t always like to see the same champions.”

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