TFC: “I’m ready for Ligue 1!” launches Nathan Ngoumou, a few hours before the resumption of the season against Nice

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The 22-year-old striker exposes his ambitions and those of his training club, a few hours before the return of the TFC to Ligue 1, against Nice this Sunday.

In what state of mind are you a few hours before the return of the TFC to Ligue 1?

I can’t wait, we all are. We are going to play against players, top teams. It’s very exciting.

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Is it a way to gauge yourself?

Yes, that’s another step. We will be able to measure ourselves, know how far we can go, what are our real abilities. Last season, we flew over the championship; today, we know that there are teams much stronger than us.

What goals have you set for yourselves collectively?

We know it will be a complicated season, it always is for a promoted player. But we know that we have the capacity to maintain ourselves. So objective maintenance.

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And personally, do you have any goals?

Of course: I’m an attacking player, I set myself goals every season, in all respects, goals, assists, crosses, duels… But I keep them to myself.

On which axis do you want to progress?

At the top level, you have to be a killer in front of goal. All the big clubs have players like that. This is where I have to improve: be very fair in my choice, the last pass or in front of goal. Be cleaner.

You played two matches in Ligue 1 with the TFC in 2019. What has changed between the Nathan of 2019 and the Nathan of today?

So many things happened… My first game was against Dijon, the last game of the season. I saw the meeting again not long ago. At the time, I was a kid… I was afraid in duels, things that make me laugh when I see them again. Today, it is impossible for it to happen like that. I’m ready for Ligue 1.

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Did you speak in front of the group to talk about Ligue 1, which few players in the squad know about?

Yes. What I said is that in my opinion, the real difference between Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 is at the attacking level. The players have more talent, so as soon as you lose a ball, there is but behind.

Is there apprehension in facing players of the caliber of Marquinhos, for example?

No way ! I am a football player, they too have two feet like me. Above all, I am entitled to play against them, to be able to measure myself against them.

You who were born in Toulouse, it must make you happy to see the enthusiasm around the club which announced that it had reached 10,000 subscribers?

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It is heartwarming. I subscribed to TFC when I was little, so to see that today is almost unbelievable. The last season helped a lot, there is a form of excitement among the fans. We hope that it is accepted in this sense.

You are a player in demand: how do you see your future?

I’m focused on Sunday’s match, on what will happen with Toulouse. Nothing more.

How do you view the Nice workforce, which is made up of several players you know or rub shoulders with in the national team?

Yes, I know the former Toulouse, Andy (Delort) and Jean-Clair (Todibo), or the internationals. It’s a great team, with a lot of potential. We know it will be complicated. But also a real pleasure.

One of the objectives of your season will also be to impose yourself in the France Espoirs team?

Obviously, especially since there is the Euro at the end of the season. It’s up to me to be good on the pitch to stay in the squad.

Many nationalities are represented in the workforce. How do you keep your good cohesion

Having many nationalities in the workforce is a chance. It allows me to work on my English (laughs). There is excellent cohesion, even if I lost my friend Bafodé. When I get up in the morning, I’m happy.

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