the 2022-2023 hen of the RCVT known

After much palaver on the side of the French Rugby Federation, the French Federal 3 championship will finally have 200 clubs (i.e. 20 pools of 10) when it starts in September.

And the seniors of the Vallons de La Tour Rugby Club are now set on their future opponents. The Turripinois will find neighbors of AS Saint-Marcel/L’Isle-d’Abeau, Pays Saint-Jeannais and Saint-Savin for three sports derbies still awaited.

Already met last season, FC Aix-les-Bains will be an intruder in the heart of a 90% Iséroise chicken.

Indeed, the other five clubs will be RC Seyssins, UA Tullins-Fures, US Pont-de-Claix, US Izeaux and US Renage/Rives.

For the qualification, nothing changes, it will be necessary to finish in one of the first four places or to be part of the eight best fifths at the national level.

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