The 58 recommendations for a better revival of Gabonese handball!

It took 9 hours for the panelists of the Gabonese handball day of reflection organized by the Gabonese Handball Federation (Fegahand) on Saturday July 30 at the National Institute of Youth and Sports (INJS) in Libreville to reach their conclusions.

These works, which at the beginning had the name of assizes, had a new denomination on the spot in view of the conditions currently noted (absence of supervision, absence of a real representativeness of leagues, clubs and associations). The said works which had for but ” to come up with resolutions for handball together were transferred by General Sylvain Pangou Mbembo, president of the federation. At the end of the reflections on the resumption of activities, the revival of handball, training and the economic model, the 4 rapporteurs declined to the federal office, the 58 recommendations in the short, medium and long terms.

Among other things, the publication of the programs of activities of the Gabonese handball federation for the remaining five months of the 2022 season within 8 days of the meeting, the minutes already validated by the supervisory authority (document to be sent to the leagues within the following 7 days today’s meeting), the players belong to their former club before Covid, the transfer period is set from August 1 to 30 exceptionally. The transferred player must undergo a normal transfer as provided for by the texts.

For this season, the following tests will be required from clubs: rhesus blood group and electrocardiogram. These exams are the responsibility of the clubs. However, for this first panel, Fega was asked to support the clubs in the various health negotiations.

On the revival of handball, this goes through the application of the establishment of teams of small categories and women’s categories in the different clubs. The club that does not have one will be sanctioned with a fine defined in the General Assembly. Fegahand must see how to support the clubs holding these small categories in order to facilitate their management.

The other proposals were made on the place of the National Handball League (LINEPH) in the revival of handball in order to perform for athletes; train leaders and coaches for refresher training every two years; increase competition through league championships; competitions must be guaranteed; review the Gabon Cup farms with a view to relocating it; upgrade the awards for the Gabon Cup; the establishment of the national cadet and junior tournament; member associations of Fegahand must have legal recognition; update the organic texts of the discipline; Fegahand must have a dynamic page and a website; Create the creation of associations of referees, coaches and players.

Regarding panel 3 on training, these suggestions emerge: for leaders, training and capacity building sessions in collaboration with development partners (CNOG, UNESCO, UNDP); for officials, two annual local sessions and one international session, for male and female pairs: for coaches, retraining and training of coaches each year, taking into account hourly volumes and specific content (international recommendation), the valorization of women coaches.

For players, enforce the requirements of the specifications for semi-pro teams (women’s team, small categories); implementation of agreements with schools, agreement between the federation and the bodies managing school, university and disabled sport (FEGAS, FEGASU, CSU, FEGOF, PH); creation of performance and elite hubs; agreement with the INJS for the creation of an applied research laboratory. For the medical staff, session and capacity building and training in sports medicine, training of delegates or officials, training of journalists on the discipline of handball, granting of coaching courses after training.

In the last panel, these few proposals were enamelled: a partnership with a sports marketing agency. This will make a total analysis upstream and downstream; it will be the interface between handball players; the exploitation of the law N ° 33/20202 / of March 22, 2021 towards article 56 and 57 giving creation of a company with sporting objects (SAOS) of legal status (SARL or SA) with but to develop sporting activities and commercial; the professionalization of sports professions and club structures; economic diversification (income generating activities); the exploitation of marketing and media rights for competitions and clubs (sponsoring ticketing; naming, etc.), the measurement of taxes on downstream actions, getting local authorities to get involved in the development of multifaceted handball, reaching out to Gabonese employers ( federal approach) to cite only these main recommendations on the economic model.

The ball is in the hands of the Gabonese Handball Federation for the application of its many recommendations to advance and relaunch the discipline and its long-awaited influence.

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