The achievement of the Eleven All Stars has at times surpassed that of real football

The football match between French and Spanish streamers, organized by AmineMaTue, impressed its viewers with the quality of its production. Behind this success, there is the decision of the Eleven All Stars to hire an experienced team and allow themselves to try new ones. things.

The Eleven All Stars, a football match between French and Spanish streamers (a sort of Pixel War revenge), broke all records. By surpassing 1.2 million viewers on Twitch on November 19, AmineMaTue’s event succeeded in dethroning Squeezie’s GP Explorer, only a month after its broadcast. Internet users are full of praise for its expected: everyone was impressed by the quality of the event. It must be said that, visually, the Eleven All Stars had nothing to envy to a real football match.

As Alexandre Ruiz, who commented on the Eleven All Stars, repeated on several occasions, there were 24 cameras around the stadium, against “ 14 cameras » in some football matches. This second indication is not entirely true (there are generally at least twenty of them, and up to 40 for major events), but it is true that the Eleven All Stars wanted to play in the court of big. The result is grandiose, sometimes even more beautiful than in real football.

The steadicam that amazes everyone

In the 87th minute, the France team had to take a corner. The cameraman, equipped with a steadicam (an optimized stabilization system), entered the cage to circle around the goalkeeper. The images, magnificent, could never have existed in a real football match, where the cameras are not allowed to penetrate the field. This plan is however grandiose and contributes to the repair of the event, so much so that many Internet users wondered how it was possible – some even began to imagine that a drone was on the ground, which does not was not the case. On the other hand, there was one above the stadium throughout the match.

The whole match was produced with a level of rigor worthy of television. There is nothing surprising, it is AMP Visual TV, which often produces matches, which takes care of the management (with the director Manu Roustit at the controls). Switching from a wide shot to a zoom, slow motion, focus on the edge of the field… All the specificities of the foot were there. As a bonus, the Eleven All Star even played with augmented reality to display the score and name of the scorer on the pitch, just like in the FIFA video game. Some championships already use augmented reality during matches, but not the French Ligue 1.

Should professional football be inspired by the Eleven All Stars?

To say that professional football should come up to the level of the Eleven All Stars would be very reductive, in the sense that it was the streamers’ event that was inspired by it.

However, a show like this has the advantage of being able to try things… and they all worked! Will there ever be a camera on the field during a set piece (there are already at the end of a match today, with sublime close-ups of the players)? Either way, Twitch has proven once again that it knows how to level up to professional broadcasts.

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