The Andelys. For its 50th anniversary, CSA Rugby transforms the test

The day began with a melee petanque tournament which brought together 41 players. ©The Impartial

the CS Andelys Rugby celebrated on Sunday July 3 his 50e anniversary with a one-year penalty imposed by an all-too-well-known killjoy.

The volunteers worked hard to get everything ready on D-Day. Upon entering the Northeast Eure stadiumBruno had to show his credentials as he was welcoming the participants throughout the morning.

Some 250 people were thus identified, including members of the club and their families, but also former club members who met to have a good time and put the world to rights.

700 photos and press clippings

The crowd 1
Many supporters and relatives of the club came to celebrate this anniversary. ©The Impartial

The first to cross the checkpoint were the 41 bowlers who faced off at 10 a.m. in a 3-game scrimmage tournament. Éric Hébert, former player and former president of CSA Rugby, organized the event. As they arrived, no one could miss the titanic work of Jeanne Hebert who reconstituted in image the 50 years of history of the section. For this, she had collected some 700 photos and press clippings which she placed chronologically on 15 panels.

It was with great interest that some tried to recognize the former players, others read the press articles or still others told the stories of the good old days induced by the photographs.

There is an extract from the birth certificate of the club materialized by a press article:

“Birth of a rugby team. Rugby, king sport, will soon display its splendor at the foot of Château-Gaillard. Indeed, the idea received by chance, a few weeks ago on Place Poussin, seems today to materialize. On the eve of the spectacular France-Wales this weekend, a few fans of the oval have come together to create a rugby team in Les Andelys. The founding members, some thirty people including Mr. Robert Chéreau, president of the CSA and of the Municipal Office of Sports, Mr. Baty, municipal councilor, decided to meet this morning, on the future ground located in the center of the Château-Gaillard racecourse before hitting the lawn of their future stadium. The Andelysian rugby players have elected the office of their section. This is made up as follows: Chairman, Mr. Andor; secretary, Mr. Pozza; treasurer, Mr. Baty”.

Remove the cows before playing

Georges Ducardonnet, alias Jojo, remembers: “At the very beginning, we played on land rented by the city, so we had to remove the cows before playing. The next field was at the military school, then on a road played by Peace before settling definitively in Tomasini”. Jojo was one of the club’s pioneers alongside André Andor, Serge Pozza and Jean-Louis Sarna.

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Retrospective photos
Retrospective photos ©L’Impartial

To beef up the party, the club had planned entertainment for adults, but also for children: inflatable structure, rugby activity with educational material, turn everything upside down, sack race, cafe waiter course, tug of war, games wooden, palace game and mölkky. The club also offered a raffle for which the 29 prizes were perfectly aligned on the podium.

Around noon, Jérôme Buchet, current president of CSA Rugby, took the floor for the welcome word. He was surrounded by Thierry Lecour, Jean-François Beurms, Frédéric Duché, Bernard Riquier, Georges Ducardonnet, Martine Seguela, Sandrine Da Silva and Jérémy Sarna. Some of them then took the microphone, including Frédéric Duché, who began with “I wish you a happy birthday and congratulations to the volunteers… the municipality will always be by your side” and ended with: “I have a great thought for Pierre- Yves Sarna”.

The podium
From L to R: Thierry Lecour, Jean-François Beurms, Frédéric Duché, Jérôme Buchet, Bernard Riquier, Georges Ducardonnet, Martine Seguela, Sandrine Da Silva and Jérémy Sarna. ©The Impartial

Then, Jérôme Buchet warmly thanked all the volunteers, Jeanne Hébert, the municipality and all the sponsors: ODS, FGS, AMS, JFC, Riquier, Camping des 3 Rois, Eure-immo, Pizza Max, Les Délices d’Ange, Fiducial Sécurité and Groupama. For this 50th anniversary, Pierre-Yves Sarna was on everyone’s lips and everyone agreed to salute this great gentleman who gave without counting and fought to the end for his club. Hats off to Mr. Sarna.

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