The AOCB unfolds its rugby at Cadillac

Castle life for the players of the bastide du Brulhois in Gironde territory. Nay. It was at the local stadium that rugby life resumed. We had to get back into the rhythm of the championship.

After a warm-up lap, the Cadillacs opened the score “on very dry ground at the limit of the passable”, the quarter-finalists from France quickly connected. The players of the Delpech – Caunes – Ducos trio respected this game plan in the forwards – three-quarters alternation. In turn, the “sky and wine-red” showed good game.

“It was unraveled at first behind where we found the fault, explains Caunes. The forwards got into tune and we produced interesting sequences, some of which were in the deep axis and ended between the posts.”

The superiority of the Caudecostois quickly put the Cadillacs under the extinguisher. Redoubled classics, internal returns with support, strong trials, a collective state of mind… The new Mardel – Roger hinge worked well. “We took advantage of our achievements. In any case, we must remain on the continuity”.

Cadillac 13 – Caudecoste 45

MT: 6-35.

Referee: M. Simonnet (NA).

Score evolution: 3-0.6-0.6-7.6-14.6-21.6-28.6-35; 6-38,13-38,13-45.

Winners: 6 E Ducasse, Cortesi, Julien, Caunes, Braillon, Baland; 6T and 1P Roger.

Defeated: 1 E; 1T; 2p.

CAUDECOSTE: Julian; Braillon, Gabory, Chappert (cap), Ducasse; (o) Roger, (m) Mardel; Caunes, Dugarcin, Bonnet; Cortesi, Baland; Planes, Flouquet, Fichet. Entry into play: Bories, Amégrissi, Etcheverri, Baumes, Dansan, Lecomte, Lenfant.

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