The Avize handball club is 20 years old, has a new president and has relaunched its school tournament

For its 20th anniversary, ASC Avize Handball has chosen a new president and has returned to grass tournaments.

It was in 2002 that Michael Lelong created the Avize hand club, to have fun with a group of friends who liked to practice this sport. He is to date the oldest member of the club, of which he was president for 18 years.

ASC Avize Handball today has 110 licensees, 6 teams, a leisure section, a mini-hand section, a certified handball school, qualified coaches, referees and many volunteers who have confirmed the organization and functioning.

Considering that a club leader must be present on the field, and, now less available, Michael Lelong preferred to leave the presidency. He resumes his role as a volunteer. He is replaced by Florian Poirel. The 31-year-old was 10 when he joined the club as a player. He has been part of the office for 5 years as head of arbitration.

Sport is not just about the professional stars we talk about in the media, and the Avize handball leaders are convinced of the importance of small clubs. “Each young player has his place at all levels”, believes Michel Lelong.

To promote handball and recruit new young players, the Avize club returned to tradition by organizing its 12th school tournament on June 18. 150 children from schools in Avize, Chouilly and Cramant learned their hand skills on the grass at the Laurent-Fourrier stadium.


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