The Baule. Tennis returns to “La Belle Époque”. sport

A link back a century to the time of wooden snowshoes, immaculate outfits, long trousers for these gentlemen and skirts and crinolines for these ladies. Return for a few hours to yesterday’s time, rewind the thread of history to return to the time of the Musketeers, not those of d’Artagnan, but those glorious heroes that are Lacoste, Cochet, Borotra and Brugnon.

Yann Latimier is a passionate collector. In his cellar are piled up nearly three hundred rackets just waiting to come back to life as they did in their finest hours. So, thanks to Jany, his wife, Yann Latimier has, since 2002, given a second life to all his snowshoes, that of Rod Laver is the jewel, during a Belle Époque day. It is certainly a tournament, in mixed doubles but above all a friendly day where elegance and respect for the values ​​of sport will be the watchword. Winner or loser, it doesn’t matter! Only the memory of having been the actors of an exceptional day and of being income if only for a fleeting moment during this period called Belle Époque will count for everyone.

Sunday from 1.30 p.m., tennis court La Baule. Free admission.


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