The brilliant initiative: rugby allows job seekers to find a job

Via a great initiative organized by Pôle emploi and the Ile-de-France League, job seekers have been able to find a job thanks to rugby. (©ND, for Rugby News)

Houyam may have made a pass to his future employer. And Virginie raised a potential collaborator in touch. Candidates and company representatives followed an introduction to rugby for a whole morning. A special recruitment session that is part of the “From Stadium to Employment” initiative organized by Pôle emploi and the Ile-de-France Rugby League.

“The Ile-de-France League put candidates and companies recruited by Pôle Emploi in contact with a rugby club. The idea is to put them in the rugby atmosphere and get them to have a successful dating job,” explains Rugby News Vincent Pubert, volunteer at the Ile-de-France Rugby League in charge of employment support.

Companies can identify candidate qualities

That day, the Yvelinois club of Pleasure Rugby Club welcomed the participants, in the indoor tennis complex next to the rugby pitches, because of the rain. About ten coaches from the club led the various workshops. Six groups of job seekers and employers mixed anonymously, were immersed in the world of rugby through non-contact drills. “Companies can identify the general skillsthe personal qualities of the candidates”, underlines the member of the Ile-de-France Rugby League.

Among the exercise facilitators, PRC senior manager Sébastien Roncali. “There were very motivated people to participate in all the workshops. We worked on fun things: a bit of ball manipulation, a team passing game then throw-ins. “, details the Pleasure coach.

Rugby requires cohesion, communication, the implementation of instructions. We can easily draw a parallel with the world of work.

Sebastien RoncaliPlaisir rugby club coach
Through workshops supervised by rugby coaches, employers were able to judge the individual characteristics of the candidates.
Through workshops led by rugby coaches, employers were able to judge the individual characteristics of candidates. (©ND, for Rugby News)

A workshop through a touch of rugby

When the instructions for do the keys are announced by Sébastien Roncali, the captain of the group Cyril Lhemery gathers his comrades for the morning. The organization to make a touch of rugby can begin. “There is one person throwing and the others can assume the jumper as best as possible,” suggests Cyril Lhemery, who is in charge of the Pôle Emploi de Plaisir agency.

Facing him, Houyam Lazrak, candidate for a job in IT, suggests: “We should put one person on the right, one on the left and a third behind. And Virginie Le Pape, head of a temporary work agency, concludes: “There should also be a person in front, if the jumper ever goes forward”. From the first throw, the key is successful!

Some job seekers had never touched a rugby ball;  others have regained their self-confidence.
Some job seekers had never touched a rugby ball; others have regained their self-confidence. (©ND, for Rugby News)

Job seekers regained confidence

“It was the first time I played rugby. The notion of team is very important in this sport. Without the formal interview filter for recruitment, it’s a great initiative,” says Rugby News Houyam Lazrak. The head of the Pôle Emploi de Plaisir agency participated in the identification of employers and job seekers to organize this day. At the heart of the experience within the groups, Cyril Lhemery is satisfied with this morning: “We saw job seekers who were retired at the start. Little by little, they gained a little confidence and took part in all the events”.

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For her part, Virginie Le Pape identified some interesting personalities for its temporary work agency based in Coignières. “We were able to see certain character traits that came out in some people,” she notes at the end of the morning. Like other employers and job seekers, she has looking forward to interviews in the afternoon to lift everyone’s anonymity and bring this particular job dating to a positive conclusion.

Member of the Steering Committee of the FFR, Florian Grill asks to have access to the full report of the internal investigation carried out by the FFR.
President of the Ile-de-France Rugby League, Florian Grill announces an “excellent record” for the “Du Stade à l’emploi” operation. (©Icon Sport)

Thirty dates in 2023

Since the beginning of the year, nine sessions “From the Stadium to Employment” was co-organized by Pôle emploi and the Ile-de-France Rugby League in nine different clubs. “The record is excellent. We involved more than 130 company representatives, nearly 1,000 candidates. The rate of return to work at three months measured by Pôle Emploi on the first dates is 64%. It’s a way to recruit differently. We see people’s smiles,” says Florian Grill.

The president of the Ile-de-France rugby league, former candidate for the presidency of the FFR, is already discussing with the National Sports Agency, Pôle Emploi and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games Organizing Committee for the year 2023 “In Île-de-France, we would have the capacity to do 100 dates. For the moment, we are talking about around thirty dates in 2023, ”he confides. In the meantime, the last stage “From the Stadium to employment” is scheduled for November 29 in Saint-Ouen L’Aumône.

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