The brother of former tennis world number 1 Andy Murray does not see competition between tennis and padel but an opportunity.

Jamie Murray, the former Scottish tennis champion, doubles specialist and brother of former world number 1 Andy Murray, returned to the development of padel in the United Kingdom, but also the threats made by tennis, which is increasingly eyeing more about this booming sport.

On the English media Tennis 365, he insisted that padel is not a threat to tennis, while supporting the rise of this sport in the years to come.

For Game4Padel, investor and promoter of padel in the United Kingdom, padel is the sport with the strongest growth in the United Kingdom, with a record 2021/2022 period in the number of courts installed and new practitioners.

For Jamie, his opinion is clear:

I don’t think padel is a threat to tennis in any way.

I don’t see a problem with having a few padel courts in a tennis club, as it adds to the offer for members and could allow new people towards both sports.

If I’m going to play tennis with friends, it’s not much fun. (…) With padel, we can engage in quick and interesting exchanges. That’s the beauty of this sport. (…) In tennis, when you start, you spend a lot of time picking up the balls, but this is not the case with padel.

In 2022 and next year, padel is still growing. Many padel tracks will be built.

Jamie Murray (Tennis 365)

Franck Binisti discovered padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then, padel has been part of his life. You often see touring France going to cover major French padel events.


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