The champions in the spotlight at the Louvre-Lens this week

From Wednesday to Sunday, a series of activities honors the territory’s female athletes.

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There are many champions who make our territory shine! Several female athletes have agreed to share their passion for sport in the Louvre-Lens park this week. From Wednesday to Sunday, initiations to football (Wednesday), volleyball (Friday and Sunday) and handball (Sunday) will be led by the champions of RC Lens, the Harnesian Volleyball Club and the Harnes Handball Club.

On the museum grounds, activities will also be organized throughout the week. On the program: rollerblading, breakdance, training with the young players of RC Lens, but also an introduction to handfit, a derivative of handball and fitness that is fun and accessible to all. Those who resist sport choose between anti-waste recipes, an introduction to tapestry, olfactory reading, mindfulness meditation or even an introduction to first aid… Enough to enjoy the park while having fun.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. In the park to the left of the museum, rue Paul-Bert in Lens. Free registration on site the same day within the limit of available places, from 7 years old.

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