the clarification of the President of the French Tennis Federation

“There is a difference that exists, we will let justice decide, but at the same time, a lot of things have been said… I am here to recall truths”. Traveling to the Moselle Open in Metz, this Wednesday, the President of the French Tennis Federation Gilles Moretton split from a focus.

While legal proceedings are underway following the takeover of the Moselle Open by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Thierry Ascione (via the All In group), the French tennis boss wants to give his version. Indeed, minority shareholders want to assert their right of first refusal on this ATP 250 tournament, explaining that they fear the move from the Moselle Open. They fear a departure from the tournament in Lyon, which is disputed by the new buyers, who are committed to Moselle until 2029.

The position of the ATP, which rules world tennis

As announced by France Bleu this Sunday, Gilles Moretton confirms: “The ATP has never validated the transfer of the tournament to so-and-so. Nor has the ATP ever threatened so-and-so that it will not have an approval if it is retained as the new owner”. This approval given by the ATP is essential, since it defines the importance of the tournament, and therefore the level of the sports platform. The organization that manages world tennis therefore has to rely on the court decision scheduled for October 18.

The Paris-Bercy Master will not go to Lyon

“People have allowed themselves to speak on behalf of the Federation, and to talk about the Rollex Paris Master (Paris-Bercy tournament, a master 1000 Editor’s note), property of the Federation, which would be transferred to Lyon, which would mean that there would be no desire to go to Lyon (for the new owners of the Moselle Open, editor’s note). It is not so, it is important to say it”, adds Gilles Moretton.

The French Tennis Federation supports the Moselle Open

Gilles Moretton adds that he supports the Moselle Open, whose success he salutes: “I think it was important for us to say that whatever happens, the Federation is there to support the Moselle Open, a real popular success, but also in terms of business and department support”.

The president of the French Tennis Federation hopes above all to quickly turn the page, and find a more serene atmosphere on the courts: “With what can happen, which very sincerely pained us a little, I hope that there will be a position taken very quickly by justice. We will follow it and we reserve ourselves, depending on the decision, the possibility to take positions” concludes Gilles Moretton.

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