the crazy revelations about the “plot” that Diallo and his unofficial agent would have fomented

In the context of the case of the aggression suffered by Kheira Hamraoui, The Parisian and Point reveal many revelations about the content of the damning investigation for Aminata Diallo and her unofficial agent.

These explosive revelations accredit the thesis of sporting rivalry as the motive for Kheira Hamraoui’s aggression. The Parisian and Point revealed on Tuesday how Aminata Diallo, indicted and imprisoned like four other men, fomented a “plot” with her unofficial agent, a certain César M., to oust the victim of Paris Saint-Germain and the team of France during the 2021-2022 season.

César M. would not only be a member of Aminata Diallo’s entourage. He is also, according to the revelations of the daily and the weekly, the companion of the French international Kadidiatou Diani, one of the stars of PSG. This influential figure would also unofficially manage the interests of star striker Marie-Antoinette Katoto.

Maximum internal pressure on Hamraoui

Several elements showed how this man would have participated in a smear campaign against Kheira Hamraoui, both within the club and in the media. Compared to the internal pressure, the investigators are clearly intrigued by a certain phone call which would have been made between the line of César M. and that of a crow who made faulty anonymous calls to various Parisian players to update harm the reputation of Kheira Hamraoui. The investigation would also show how César M. would have used Marie-Antoinette Katoto’s contract extension negotiations (she would become free at the end of June 2022) to demand not only an extension of Aminata Diallo, but also the departure of Kheira Hamraoui.

The Ollé-Nicolle case as a negotiation tool

Always with the supposed aim of obtaining the departure of Kheira Hamraoui, César M. would have taken advantage of the inappropriate gestures on a player of the now ex-coach Didier Ollé-Nicolle. During a conversation with the sporting director Ulrich Ramé, César M. would have threatened to spread the word about this affair that the PSG wanted to keep in-house. “There are still people who are aware … Many people including me,” he would have launched the former Bordeaux goalkeeper. Before the case, precisely, is made public.

Deacon in Diallo’s crosshairs

César M. and Aminata Diallo would also have had Corinne Deacon in the crosshairs. As a reminder, the prosecutor’s office of Versailles mentions that the violence could have been committed in the but “to occupy the position of the victim during the competitions to come”. Except that in the months following the attack and preceding Euro 2022, the coach of the France team continues to appeal to Kheira Hamraoui. In an audio recording of a conversation with César M., the investigators would have noted a huge threatening anger from Aminata Diallo: “Dirty whore! Do you think it’s a game, bunch of bastards? Apparently, we’re a bunch of bosses in Paris? A gang from the suburbs? Corinne, don’t worry, it’s planned!! As soon as it’s extended at PSG, you’ll see her…”

· Proximity to Mbappé’s mother to weigh

Still according to the investigators, César M. and Aminata Diallo would have “felt untouchable” in their actions at the club also because of their proximity to Fayza Lamari, the mother of Kylian Mbappé, and one of the members of the entourage. of the world champion.

Fayza Lamari would have met Diallo for a documentary project with Zebra Valley, Kylian Mbappé’s production company. But according to the daily, it was an intercepted conversation between Aminata Diallo and an ex-journalist close to the Mbappé who “awakened the attention of the investigators”, because the conversation in question would suggest that Kylian Mbappé’s mother could have intervene in negotiations between Diallo and PSG for an extension of the player.

On this point, Fayza Lamari said that she had “raised the subject of Aminata Diallo’s contract extension with the leaders of PSG, but in a very informal, disinterested way and always in the context of the documentary project”, and assures that she then “distanced himself” from the player. The documentary would have finally fallen through.

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