“The Davis Cup; on a cue for the money”

Supported by FFT delegates, Bernard Giudicelli, former president of the institution, was able to vote in favor of the new format of the Davis Cup during the general assembly of the International Tennis Federation in August 2018. An exchange of good processes. On the sidelines, that same day, the ITF had approved an amendment allowing the man with “BG” as his initials to keep his place on the plank of the latter despite a conviction for defamation against Gilles Moretton. A court decision which made him until then ineligible according to the constitution of the organization.

Since then, Moretton has succeeded Giudicelli as head of the French Tennis Federation. And, following his election in February 2021, the former 65th in the world was in radical opposition to the positions of his predecessor. Very critical of a competition in decline and now nicknamed the “Piqué Cup”, the 64-year-old has regularly attacked the new format. Also applied to the Fed Cup – renamed the Billie Jean King Cup – this one presented a creature often considered misshapen, without atmosphere, in front of stands that were mostly very sparse during the final stages, except for the nation playing at home.

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In the current configuration, we cannot move forward on the Davis Cup file.

Gilles Moreton

This Tuesday, in The Team, Moretton launched some spades towards the ITF. “In the current configuration, we cannot move forward on the Davis Cup file,” he said. “Because there is no transparency at the ITF. We have very little information on the contract with Kosmos (Company, fathered by Gerard Pique, who bought the Davis Cup), and on the conditions under which we could possibly get out of it. Statements made after David Haggerty, boss of the ITF, was put in difficulty. As he pushed for the integration of padel and pickleball within the ITF, he saw his proposals rejected by the vote.

“For me, and this is what I said in my intervention, the ITF should not consider padel as a spare tire and should focus on tennis, because the situation is far from extraordinary. with the Davis Cup and the Billie Jean King Cup, “said the native of Lyon. “The first mission of the ITF is the promotion and development of tennis in the world. And I remember that the Davis Cup was a formidable tool of this promotion.(…) On a yielded to the facility of the money.

Launched in 2019 then played over two years in 2020-2021 due to covid-19, the new Davis Cup formula is experiencing its third edition this season. This week, theFinal 8” takes place in Malaga, Spain. The quarter-finals pit Italy against the United States, Germany against Canada, Spain against Croatia and the Netherlands against Australia.

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