The Dombes XV is betting on its youth

Twelve juniors are integrated into the first team for this first season in Fédérale 2, a level never reached by the rugby club.

The Dombes XV started the Federal 2 championship with an honorable defeat in Nantua. But the injury of his kicker will force the leaders to recruit on post 10. A 2021-2022 season which ended late following the excellent results on all the teams, seniors, juniors and cadets, and a preparation of disturbed and shortened recovery: this may explain this faux pas. The club has renewed its staff with the arrival of Silvère Tian and Teddy Veuillet at the head of the first team, the appointment of Stéphane Cicciarella and Claude Bonjour for the reserve. Damien Ortéga becomes technical coordinator and Jérôme Chatelard physical trainer.


Marc Duva, the club’s president, admits that he has changed little: “Few recruits, few important departures, but a real club with a massive rise from young people to seniors, he said. However, we are in a positive dynamic to take up the challenge of the Federal 2. The merger of young and old will energize the group. But we must strengthen ourselves in certain positions and find experienced executives on the back line and a pillar to be more efficient. Our first match with one of the favorites and our performance leads us to believe in an interesting season with maintenance in Fédérale 2. The club has a budget close to €350,000, has more than 450 members, i.e. 70 seniors, 60 juniors and cadets and more than 220 young people for the rugby school“. The dilapidated state of the premises is not good advertising to attract new players, complain the leaders. They list what is missing: “No clubhouse for the reception of visitors, no physical preparation room for the players, no medical room, only one badly maintained playing field in the absence and delay in the installation of automatic watering stations promised by the town hall before the summer break“. Leaders and management are patient, game projects are promising, “but it is high time that the situation finds a positive solution quickly“, they declare.

New staff

The two new coaches Silvère Tian and Teddy Veuillet will bring their high-level experience to the team at the dawn of a season full of surprises. “I find players with whom I once played or trained in their youthsays the second. The players want to work and get involved, that’s a good point. At Villars, we have a fighting mentality, rigor, training and a fighting spirit will be the keys to our success. For that, you have to win and move forward, create affect, a lot of things need to be improved in the long term, but we believe in these young shooters and their talent. We go counterfeiters in this fight and win dynamics“.

For his part, Silvère Tian says: “My project is to keep the club in Federal 2, it must be ambitious. His place is in Federal 2. The training there is excellent and the background is good. It is urgent to find a number 10 to make up for the absence of our injured player and two experienced players to guarantee the team’s foundation in weak times. I’m here to help the team move forward“.

The leaders granted a longer truce to the players and a resumption close to the competitions. “The players are late in their preparation, a solid base is essential to have a good team. But the will of the players, their investment in each training session and the respect of the rules of hygiene of life to obtain satisfactory results can only be acquired with work and the will to succeed by giving their all for their colors.“, recall the two coaches.

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