The English European champions challenge the candidates to Downing Street

The European champions England footballers have urged the two Downing Street candidates to ensure all English girls can play football at school, in an open letter published on Wednesday. Signed by the 23 members of the team, after the victory Sunday against Germany (2-1 ap), the letter underlines that the “Dream of 23 women has come true” bringing back this historic title.

“We want to create real change in this country and ask you, if you become Prime Minister on September 5, to help us succeed in this change”can we read in this letter, translates Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, both candidates for the succession of Boris Johnson.

“We are often prevented from playing”

“We want every young girl to be able to play football at school” in England, they continued, assume that currently only 63% of girls can practice footwork as part of school physical education lessons. “It’s something we all experienced growing up”, “we are often prevented from playing”, “So we put together our teams, traveled around the country and despite everything, we continued to play football”.

“Women’s football has come a long way. But there is still a long way to go”is it also written, the English players believing that the girls “satisfying to play football at lunchtime, in physical education class, and to believe that they can one day play for England. We want their dreams to come true. »


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