The Figeac Tennis Club summer tournament is about to begin

A great summer classic, the Figeac Tennis Club summer tournament will begin on Saturday August 6 and end on Sunday August 21, ten days before the end of the 2021-2022 season marked by the club’s fiftieth anniversary festivities and a large sporting success of young people from Figeac.

To continue this great dynamic, the management team has encouraged all licensees over 14 to register in one or two of the following five categories: ladies’ singles, ladies’ singles over 35, men’s singles, men’s singles over 35 years old and over 55 years old. This team remains faithful to a custom that combines sporting performance, conviviality, good humor, entertainment and meals for a fortnight on the courts and around the clubhouse of the Pratges meadow. She thinks that this non-open tournament, due to the absence of negative players, will be an important mix between holidaymakers, local and regional tennis players, all expected in large numbers.

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