The fitness tennis club

“We are above all a family and friendly club where everyone is welcome”, claimed Stéphane Fontaine, the president of the Tennis club of Maillot and Saint-Clément on Friday evening, at the opening of the general assembly of the club.

Fifty-eight students, including thirty-nine young people, at the tennis school

In front of about thirty members present, he drew up a quick and very satisfactory assessment of the past season. “The numbers are stable, we are ninety-four members on August 31, 2022. Great satisfaction also for our tennis school with fifty-eight students, including thirty-nine young people. »

On the financial side, there too the lights are green with a positive balance for the 2022-2023 season of nearly €5,000. The club’s budget, which has five courts (three at Saint-Clément and two at Maillot), is around €35,000.

He won this season his actions with young people and schools, as well as the paratennis activity. It will organize no less than eight tournaments (young, ladies and men) between March and September 2023. In addition, the outing at Roland-Garros is maintained.

Finally, in the presence of Pascal Jarillot, deputy mayor of Maillot, the chairman discussed the subjects of reflection on lighting and accessibility for people with reduced mobility with the creation of toilets on the Maillot site.


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