The football match between Châteauneuf-sur-Loire and Chambray-lès-Tours will be replayed

Following the premature end of the N3 meeting between Châteauneuf-sur-Loire and Chambray-lès-Tours, Sunday September 18, the sports commission of the Centre-Val de Loire league has delivered its verdict: the match will have to be replayed.
Sunday, when Châteauneuf had just opened the scoring, the Tourangeau Missonsa was blessed at the level of the arcade in a head-to-head clash with Condé. The fire department was then called.

Players “shocked”

After an interruption of about 35 minutes, the referee had decided to stop the match definitively, the players of Chambray being too “shocked”, psychologically, to resume.
The regional sports commission relied on article 5 of the “Laws of the game – appeals” to make its decision. Thus, she retained the following points: the interruption of the game in the 11th minute for injury, the seriousness requiring the maintenance of the player on the ground, the 35-minute stoppage time, and the fact that the referee revealing that the conditions and the context did not allow to resume the meeting and to go to its end.

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The risk of case law

For these reasons, the committee decided that the match would be replayed at a later date. “We are not surprised by this decision.. The commission always goes in the direction of the referee”, regrets Nicolas Régnier, the president of Châteauneuf-sur-Loire, who is waiting to see the reports to know what follow-up to give to this affair. “We leave ourselves all the possibilities because it This is a point that can set a precedent for all of football. This decision is not trivial and opens gaps. With each injury, when a team loses, are we going to go to abandoned games? We can ask ourselves the question”, concluded Nicolas Régnier.

Laurent Coursimault


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