the Fourasins do double duty

In the second round the public was able to attend two closely associated games. Hillairet, carried by the spectators, achieves a superb performance by beating Aurélien Pasquette 11-9 in style. Paul Gauzy against Damien Llorca wins the decision by winning 11-9. The next day, in the advanced match of the 7th day, the Fourasins went to challenge the 2nd in the pool, Issy-les-Moulineaux. A fierce encounter with 5 outright victories including 3 by the smallest of margins. Faced with much greater adversity than the day before against Metz.

full of confidence

This time, Thibault Hillairet can do nothing, even if he pushes Léo Du Mesnil (n°300) to the beautiful. He also lost (9-11 in the beautiful), associated in doubles with Bobillier. If Paul Gauzy recorded his first defeat under the colors fourasines, it is necessary to note the three victories of Damien Provost and Loïc Bobillier (who wins two matches 13-11 beautiful!).

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