The game of shame for the Blues

The victory against Australia just digested, the France team must turn to Denmark, its next opponent. With some bad memories in mind.

The Blues launched the defense of their title won in 2018 perfectly. Opposed to Australia for their first match, Didier Deschamps’ men indeed won 4-1 after a solid performance. Heading now to Denmark, which has dominated the France team twice in recent months in the League of Nations and brings back some other painful memories. Four years ago, Danes and French had indeed clashed in the last group match.

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As in 1998, the men of Didier Deschamps were then already assured of their qualification for the round of 16 when they faced Christian Erriksen and his teammates in the third match of the group. For their part, the Scandinavians only needed a draw to validate their ticket. A result synonymous with first place in the group for the Blues and which therefore suited everyone. Both teams had it in mind and never gave up, ending the match with a 0-0, the first of the competition.

It was a purge

And even more than the score, it was the content of the match that was the problem. “In the first half it was not too bad, but in the second, it was a purge”, recognized Olivier Giroud at the end of the meeting. And the tricolor striker was not the only one to have very harsh words at the mention of this meeting. “The shame of Moscow”, thus titled Die Zeit in Germany while in Brazil, O Globo qualified the game as ” torture “. The tone was to match in the English press, following the example of the Times which evoked a spectacle ” wretched “or in the Italian media, the Corriere dello Sport attests to the “abyssal poverty” of the match.

But for Didier Deschamps, still just as pragmatic, the essential was elsewhere. “The objective has been achieved, yes, that was the most important, securing our first place. It was not a non-match, or perhaps at the end, because the Danes were also satisfied with this draw which ensured their qualification, he explained after the meeting. We weren’t going to take reckless risks either, as long as they thought about that result.”

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