the GFCA is a climb for 2025

Especially since access to the Elite pool of N1 has become a real obstacle course. To glean the precious sesame, finishing first in your group of fourteen teams is no longer enough. He must also fulfill a number of financial and administrative prerequisites demonstrating the desire to professionalize the structure.

This is the VAP status (Path to professionalism): a semi-professional label supposed to allow you to fight to go up to the Proligue (2nd division), but which has become an almost essential prerequisite for the N1 Elite. Of only two teams to have obtained it during the 2020-2021 season (Caen and Villeurbanne), they are now ten to have it.

With its budget providing for €500,000 for the current financial year, the GFCA is well off in its championship. But to apply for VAP status, you will have to change dimensions. A budget of €700,000 is needed and comes with a host of structural innovations: more than €10,000 allocated to medical supervision with a physiotherapist and a doctor for the year, or even six full-time professional players, against only one mandatory in “classic” N1.

“It is now necessary that a major effort be made in the search for private partners in order to consider a possible accession to the professional status, assures François-Xavier Ripoll. The creation of a dashboard and a cash flow forecast is now mandatory for a very clear improvement in terms of budget and accounting monitoring.”

After a checkered start to the season, the gaziers have had six wins in the last seven games. Saturday, in the event of victory in Draguignan, they would offer themselves a place on the podium of the hen.


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