the Golf hotel-restaurant “ready to evaluate” for recruiters after the Covid

Faced with recruitment tensions in the hotel and catering industry, sector bosses are forced to innovate. This is what the Hotel du Golf in Corrençon-en-Vercors is experimenting with this summer. The institution is certainly far from fixed, but the current period forces the bosses to move even faster. “Catering 7 days a week, we can see that it is not easy, we are ready to evaluate, to offer catering only 5 or 6 days a week, to see with our future partners“, says Sandra Sauvajon, who has run the hotel-restaurant for 28 years with her brother Richard.

Since 2015, the brother and sister have put the restaurant part in management. A couple of friends, Chrystel and Guillaume Monjuré therefore managed the catering, with real success: the Palégrié restaurant recently obtained a star in the Michelin Guide. But now they want to hand over. It is therefore necessary to find new managers and a complete team, about ten people in total: chef, clerk, dishwasher, waiter….

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We started looking in the spring, we prepared a small file that we circulated around us, in our network of restaurateurs. We are not worried yet, even if the deadline is approaching, we would like the new team to be operational by Christmas“, says Richard.”Knowing that everything is in place or almost, you just have to come with your lemonade and you can start. And then the notoriety of the restaurant is good, the attendance too, the setting is magnificent“. The occupancy rate of the hotel is 70% for 22 rooms, assures customers.

“At home we can do both: work and family”

The situation of the Hotel du Golf is far from being an exception. Since the Covid crisis, the sector has struggled to recruit. According to Pôle emploi, the hotel and catering industry has 360,610 jobs to fill, half of which are seasonal jobs. “We are coming out of a complicated period, with the Covid, priorities have changed, we hear it well around us: “work is one thing, but my priority is my family, my children…” , and we understand that. With us we can do both: work and family“, assures Sandra Sauvajon. “We already work on unique menu systems, which allow us to have slightly smaller teams in order to give the necessary leave. In recruitment priorities, for those who apply and for us who recruit, we are all looking for a better quality of life.“.

The hotel and restaurant sector is in the process of restructuring. In the spring, an agreement providing for an average increase of 16.33% of the entire salary scale of the profession was extended by the administration after years of stagnation.

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