The HBC holds its back-to-school conference

A few days after the players’ return to the field, Gaël Pelletier and Grégory Cojean announced the objectives of the season for HBC Nantes.

First conference of the season for the president of the Nantes club Gaël Pelletier and the team coach Grégory Cojean. The two men took advantage of this back-to-school conference to give an overview of the club’s news.

The public at the rendezvous

On the public side, all “lights are green”, according to Gaël Pelletier, who is delighted with the 4,000 subscribers in the two flagship competitions: 2,200 for the Champions League and 1,800 in the league. However, “We do not want a room of subscribers, therefore, we do not exceed 2,500 per contest”, he specifies. To be able to accommodate more spectators, two matches will be played in the XXL hall at the Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire. On December 15, Nantes will host FC Barcelona in the Champions League, and on December 21, they will face PSG. Additionally, discussions are underway with City to play a third game in April. “We would like but there is nothing concluded on the subject. We know what that means for the community. We have the ability to organize major events and bring together the public, it will correspond to the moment when we are able to play in the round of 16, whether it is the first leg or return leg of the Champions League, we would easily drain 10,000 spectators. It is not in our DNA to make a choice between the economic logic of the club, through its prices and access to the greatest number, through a large room, ” explains Gaël Pelletier.

Ambitions on the ground

This year, the “H” is aiming for a top 2 in the Starligue in order to keep a place in the Champions League. “It’s a real challenge knowing that, apart from PSG, no club has succeeded two years in a row” underlines the Nantes president. The club thus wants to break with the Nantes-Montpellier alternation for the place of the dolphin behind PSG. In the European Cup, Nantes will be in a complicated pool with clubs like Barcelona, ​​Kiel, Kielce, or even Szeged. The objective for the president will be to get out of the pool, to “then see if we are able to aim more or not”.

The players, who have returned to training July 25, are warned. For the moment, the preparation is positive, rejoices Grégory Cojean after the week of training in Mûr-de-Bretagne. The team will test themselves for the first time in the friendly against Cesson on August 12.

Solenn Ravenel

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