The history of basketball is taught in a public school in the city of France – 09/19/2022

“The basket in Franca is something very serious. This phrase of former France coach Pedro Morilla Fuentes, Pedroca, in an interview with EPTV/Globo is still reflected in France. At the Escola Estadual Professora Ana Maria Junqueira, 35 students from the 8th and 9th grades of primary school discover the origins of basketball and the sport’s relationship with the municipality.

“The discipline calls Franca, the capital of basketball. We realized that most students don’t know the history, significance of the basket and how the city runs the sport. The goal is to teach the basics and general rules of the basket,” reported Physical Education Professor Peterson Salvi, 36, as well as the history of the sport in the city and its importance.

Peterson in the company of geography professor Mateus Menezes in weekly classes. Together, they coordinate this elective course which takes place every Wednesday afternoon and lasts 30 minutes. “This is a project that is particularly important in the historical part. So much so that it focuses on regional historical rescue. We have a photo exhibition, showing the unbroken frank basket and the rare shirts also used by the socio-cultural teams and the historical education of our students,” says Mateus.

In the classrooms, the teachers organized exhibitions of jerseys of former city teams, all extinct, with photos and trophies and told the story of the evolution of basketball, which was played in Franca at the end 1920s. .

“I didn’t know the story. The teacher said a lot of people didn’t know either and I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about my favorite sport. I wanted to get started and I didn’t know who Pedroca was. , this basketball here in the city. Friends have mastered it with practical lessons and want to do it again,” said Victor Degrande, 15, a 9th grader at Escola Estadual Prof. Ana Maria Junqueira.

“We played, learned basketball positions, watched France Basque games and people even came to present the sport,” added 14-year-old 8th grader Alessandra Cristina. According to Professor Peterson, these student feedbacks show the legacy of this unprecedented experience in Brazil. “The feedback has been very positive, the lessons are interesting for the students. The boys liked it very much. It brought back this beautiful basket story. The students learned a lot,” an assured educator.

The importance of the project developed by teachers Peterson and Mateus came from within the school itself and was mentioned by Sesi/Franca Basquete coach Helinho Garcia. “I am very happy to see the commitment of people to maintain this tradition built by many people. The fact that I can carry on this tradition through the children makes me very proud and motivated to continue on the pitch,” the coach said. The French team is the current champion of the BNB.


Despite the project developed at the Ana Maria Junqueira school, Franca struggles to preserve the history of the basket in the city. The state report went to the state Department of Education to find out if the discipline can be applied to other schools in the city. In a note, the ministry limited itself to informing that “public schools have a Life Project educational program, in which they choose the theme” to be developed in elective courses. For Ana Maria Junqueira, it was the basket of the city.

Estadão also asked the municipal education department of Franca to know if a similar project could be developed in municipal schools. In a note, the file was not informed. He only said that he “has entered into a partnership with the Instituto Chuí de Esportes to host the first cultural competition on the theme: “Basketball in France: its history and the Brazilian team in the capital of basketball”, serving students in the early childhood education phases. I and II and crèches of the Municipal Education Network and partner crèches”.

According to the secretariat, the project consists of “saving the history of basketball. The 12 drawings with the most votes will be published in the annual calendar of the Instituto Chuí de Eportes”. The brochure also states that the project should have a second edition in 2023.

Franca has a professional basketball team since 1959. Over the past 63 years, the city has always been a part of major national and international competitions, something unique in the history of Brazil. However, it is difficult to find this past.

Sesi/Franca Basquete does not own the old team trophies, only those that have won since 1995.

The town hall of France has been promising for years the construction of a basketball museum in the city, but this promise has never seen the light of day. Also, for the Pedrocão Gym, where the local team plays NBB matches, the report found signs telling the story and characters of Brazilian basketball history deteriorated and without preservation.

Asked about the preservation of the memory of sport in the main city of the national basket, the representatives of the town hall of Franca did not answer until the closing of this report. Sesi/Franca said he will not have a position in the museum, but at the initiative of the club, he will create a basketball monument later this year at the current administrative headquarters, which is located in a central region from the city. The trophies are displayed and open to the public.

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