The Honor of Cos. Rugby: the cadets bow to the leader

Saturdays are not alike for the cadets of Patrick Laronde who had won brilliantly at home, the previous weekend, against the Entente Caussade-Nègrepelisse-Septfonds, 61 to 11. the task was announced however particularly difficult for captain Jeewan Goram’s teammates who had to lose 17 to 43 (3 tries to 7, a conversion from Delmas), while at the break, the score was only 22 to 12 in favor of the locals.

Once again, the 3rd line center and captain Jeewan Goram distinguished himself by scoring three tries, a habit with him for several games.

Took part in this meeting: Delmas; Payet, Jean, Pécharman, Batbedat, (o) Issolan, (m) Jézequel; Goram (cap.), Venturato, Olive; Lamontage, Benech; Capelle, Castagne, Muchut. Entries during the match: Tournegrosse, Lages, Esquié, Soulié Saint-Romas, Gontran, Castagne, Belloc.

Saturday, November 26, the young players of L’Honor-de-Cos, currently 4th in the group, canceled at home, the second in the Tournay group, at 3 p.m. We are expecting many of you to encourage them.

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