the incredible anecdote of Daniel Costantini on the 1992 Olympics

Former coach Daniel Costantini returned on Friday to The Team on the first international medal won by the French handball team. In 1992, at the Olympic Games, the Blues won bronze. The beginning of an incredible harvest.

But on July 27, 1992, France is far from being today’s dominant nation. And it faces Spain for its entry into the tournament. One of the two favorite formations to reach the semi-finals.

The Blues achieve the feat: 18-16. Laurent Munier, the current general manager of Chambéry, is no stranger to this success. The days that preferred the meeting, the center half used a technique of his own to intimidate the locals.

“Some had decided to get in the way of the Spaniards in the refectory: either they arrived before, or they were waiting for them at the exit, testifies Daniel Costantini. And Munier looked at Alemany, the left back, gave him the sign: I’m going to cut your throat. At first, the Spaniards were laughing, except that it lasted four days…”

The beginnings of the “Barjots”?

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