The invention of a system as simple as it is ingenious for picking up tennis balls without bending down

Every tennis player knows that picking up the balls is sometimes tiring. Yes, not all players play in a Grand Slam tournament to have nice and helpful little ball collectors who take care of the task for them… Like a petanque ball collector, the Touch Trap will help you allow you to pick up your tennis ball, but without a magnet, that goes without saying! Currently in a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo, TouchTrap bills itself as the first and only patented tennis ball pickup rod… A simple to install and easy to use system. Discovery!

How was this invention born?

The creator of this invention was obviously a tennis player, and he often noticed that back injuries were numerous among some of his friends… The cause was often picking up the ball, and especially among the oldest of his friends. One day, he promises an elderly relative to build him a system so that he no longer has to bend down, and that he will be able to continue playing tennis despite his advanced age. Two years of development were necessary to succeed in creating the Touch Trap, even if the one who had inspired its invention was no longer playing tennis when it was actually put into service!

An invention to pick up their tennis balls in a more pleasant and simple way. Photo credit: Touch Trap

Touch What is Trap?

The Touch Trap system is a device that hugs the end of the racquet handle and looks like a kind of flexible claw, which will allow you to pick up the ball simply by turning the racquet… The claws that seem to be made of silicone or a fairly flexible material; you will trap the ball, without damaging it, and allowing the player to raise it without bending down. Insofar as it settles on the handle, it does not interfere with movement of the player, who can continue to play without disturbances.

Touch Trap, a gimmick?

At first glance, it might seem like a gimmick for the lazy tennis player… In fact, the motion of picking up the ball forces your back, and can cause chronic pain. In addition, tennis is a sport that can be practiced at any age and at various intensities, but when it is impossible to refuse to pick up the ball, the player is forced to abstain from his favorite sport. According to the creators, Touch Trap could therefore prevent repetitive movements that cause back pain.

A patented invention that is easy to install and remove.
A patented invention that is easy to install and remove. Photo credit: Touch Trap

This device is patent pending in the United States, and will be made from durable, high quality materials, although we are not sure what materials they are. While waiting for its patent, and its official marketing, the Touch Trap will be sold for €29, it is already in pre-order on IndieGogo at the price of 17€. However, we do not yet know the expected delivery date. At the price it is sold for, if collecting the ball is a chore for your back, it is not worth depriving yourself of it! More information:

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