the July Tennis Open is full

On July 27, the verdict of the men’s and women’s finals fell: among the first, the Niortais Liam Branger did not tremble against Victor Clairacq, who came from Meudon. The ladies’ final will also have kept its promises by seeing a young Limougeaude, Juliette Charles, win the tie-break against the experienced Virginie Huber, licensed from the Ile-de-France club Pontault-Combault.

450 attendees

The July Open remains a great vintage, both for its large number of participants in all age categories, from 12 years old to adults, and for the weather which turned out to be very favourable.

Lucas Duhalde, young and talented club player, had every reason to be satisfied and congratulated on the full success of his very first organization of a TMC Galaxie tournament open to the youngest.

The boys finalists in the 12 and 13-14 age categories were licensed from Parisian and Aix-en-Provence clubs. “It is true that our tournament has seen the arrival of many players from all over France”, rejoices the president Didier Ducassou.

“In the 12-year-old girls and 15-16-year-old boys, the two finals even saw Nîmes licensees who are promised a bright future. We are proud of the victory of Théa Benigen, hope of the club, who won the final for the 15-16 girls against a solid player from Nîmes. »

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