The Lardin has strengthened to play the maintenance

“We know it’s going to be a difficult exercise. All the clubs have made fairly substantial recruitments, ”notes Thierry Patonnier, the co-president. He set maintenance as his goal. “We will remain cautious. If we can do more, we will, but we will leave to keep our place, ”adds Lagarde.


A dozen players arrived to compensate for five starts or stops. The staff organized its recruitment in such a way as to rejuvenate the group. “It was important for us to bring in young players to ensure the future of this team,” said Lagarde.

The Lardinois, who resumed training on July 20, will play two friendly matches, against Varetz on Saturday August 27 and against the Causse Vézère reserve on Saturday September 3. At the start of the championship, the blacks and whites defeated Le Bugue on September 18.

“We will have to take all the points possible at home. This will be a factor in our success,” warns the president. Same story on the side of the staff: “Our preparation will be important. We have to quickly make the transition between a last season where we were in the leaders and the one coming where we play the maintenance. With this label, it is obvious that we will have to do more than usual to be ready for the start of the championship. »

Arrivals: Lachaud (pillar, Saint-Yrieix), Valade (winger, Mussidan), Guilherme (third line, Malemort), Chiniaguet (third line, recovery), Hellebois (centre, Causse Vézère), Vergnon (third line, recovery), Jacquemart ( scrum half, replay).

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