the Mauléonnais Philippe Hontaas had “still the energy to train”

The father even reconciled the two until recently, with his son. “I was coaching the juniors for the last few seasons. My son used to play there; so I shared that with him. I had planned to continue for another year. Father and son had to put the experience on hold. Because following the departure of Sébastien Jaca in the off-season, the Mauléonnais leaders had to find a new partner in Christophe Desassis. And it is naturally that the choice fell on the 51-year-old technician.

“So I changed”

After a first passage at the end of the 2000s and a second between 2016 and 2019, punctuated by the rise in Federal 1, Souletin takes up the challenge for the third time. “I hesitated at first but ended up accepting because I still have energy to train. I like this. I’ve been doing it since 2004. I’ve had to cut two seasons since then. I changed from the start. The most important thing is to try to renew yourself. Technically and tactically, nobody invents anything. But we are obliged to look at what is being done elsewhere, to be inspired, to find out. If you want to continue, you have to constantly evaluate over time because the rugby of 15 years ago is no longer the same. »

Philippe Hontaas was already part of the adventure during the climb to Federal 1 in 2019.

SAM rugby

Even without going that far, the group he knew four seasons ago no longer has much to do with the current one. A whole generation has stopped and the young people of the time have become the leaders of today. “Several players have taken over and are no longer the same. I watch them. Compared to what I experienced four years ago, they have matured, grown and become leaders of the team. Others provided just to ride as seniors. Sébastien (Jaca, editor’s note), who did a very good job, started others and it worked well because they are performing well today. »

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