The Mbappé clan wet!

The Mbappé family was used by Aminata Diallo and her former adviser, César M., to put pressure on the management of PSG and dismiss Kheira Hamraoui, but also Ulrich Ramé and Didier Ollé-Nicolle, respectively sporting director and coach of the women’s section. .

The picture depicted by the investigation report of the brigade for the repression of banditry of the judicial police of Versailles to which one had access The Parisian is increasingly black for Aminata Diallo, indicted and imprisoned this weekend by the examining magistrate in charge of the case of the attack with the iron bar of Kheira Hamraoui. Because the former Barcelonan was not the only target in the sights of the Grenoble woman and Cesar M., her former adviser, also companion of Kadidiatou Diani and unofficial agent of several Parisian players among designated Marie-Antoinette Katoto.

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The two compared were ready to do anything to do “Hands down on PSG”like the title The Parisian in its edition of the day, and in particular to see from Didier Ollé-Nicolle, the coach of the women’s section, and Ulrich Ramé, its sports director. Even if it means seeing the case come out of the hand in the buttocks of which the technician would have been guilty on one of his young players. Aminata Diallo and César M. also used a certain closeness this winter with the Mbappé family, which made them “to feel untouchable”according to the investigation report.

The Mbappé clan and Aminata Diallo reportedly got closer in the weeks following her first police custody, through the intervention of a former journalist from The Team, from the Grenoble region like Diallo. According to Fayza Lamari, the mother of Kylian Mbappé, this rapprochement would take place within the framework of a documentary project attributed to the Hamraoui affair and in which Zebra Valley, a company owned by the world champion, was to participate.

When Kylian Mbappé’s mother puts pressure in favor of Aminata Diallo

“We have seen each other three times,” explained Fayza Lamari. A first time in November in Paris, during an evening presentation of comics on Kylia’s life, then in Dubai during the Christmas holidays and a third time at the Parc des Princes during a Champions League match »she explained while, according to the telephone tapping made by the investigators, a conversation between Aminata Diallo and the former journalist of The TeamKylian Mbappé’s mother would be willing to put pressure on the leaders of PSG to promote the extension of the Grenoble.

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If she recognizes herself “Having raised the subject of Aminata Diallo’s contract extension with the leaders of PSG, but in a very informal, disinterested way and still in the documentary project”Fayza Mamari ensures that“There was never any mention of this subject during my trip to Doha last April where I was concentrating on extending my son’s contract. » Since then, the Mbappé clan has cut ties. “When I learned that PSG did not want to offer Aminata a new contract for reasons probably related to the case, I distanced myself”took the trouble to add the world champion’s mother while Zebra Valley reportedly pulled out of the documentary project.

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