the Mendoises eliminated from the Coupe de France

Women’s Regional French Cup: Le Teil 22 – Mende 19 (11-7) Goalkeeper: Y. Dublanc (17 saves). Players: Mr. Awu Agbor-Ba (6/7); I. Bar; K. Diaz (3/8); L. Engelvin (cap 2/5); E. Poujol (1/5); O. Rapet (1/1); Mr. Rock (6/13); A. Oldtooth (0/1). Trainer: J. Rapet.

Saturday evening, the senior girls moved to Teil for the 2e French Cup Tour. Parties in reduced numbers, the Mendoises started the game well and played evenly during the first five minutes. Then they experience a big weak time in attack with failure on shots or loss of ball allowing the locals to inflict a 7/1.

9-3 at the 18e min. The Yellows and Blues recover and gradually lead the gap to come back to 3 goals 4 minutes from the break (9-6). They remain united in defense but fail to materialize the recovered balls and return to the locker room 4 goals behind. Halftime score 11-7.

In 2e period, the Mendoises had a hard time restarting the machine and lost a lot of balls. The Ardéchoises take advantage of this and take the lead again. 18-9 after 10 minutes. The coach’s timeout allows the defense and attacking expectations to be refocused. The Lozériennes then have a burst of pride and as in the first half, claimed little by little. They transmit the difference to 3 goals at the start of the money-time. 18-13. But the locals do not intend to miss their qualification for the 3e round. They tighten their defense. Despite their combativeness, the Mendoises are unable to reduce this gap. Defeat 22-19.

This Saturday, return to the championship, the senior girls attack the return phase with a trip to Muret at 9 p.m.

Other results

Saturday morning, two U9 teams traveled to Saint-Alban for a friendly tournament. They were able to play six games, the girls’ team finished undefeated and the boys’ team finished 3e. The U11Fs moved to Saint-Gilles for a friendly and rejected set with only one defeat.

Great victory for the U11G B in Rodez 26-9. The U13Gs also won at Belmont with a score of 14-18. The U13Fs, traveling to Villefranche-de-Rouergue, won their match with a score of 12-10.

The U15F B lost at home against Montagnac 17-32, the U15G won against Bram 40-22.

On Sunday, the U11G A lost to Millau 9-26; the U15F A win against Lattes 40-33.

The U18G close the day with a parity score against Prades B 31-31.

Agenda for November 26 and 27

Saturday, the only home game, the senior boys handed over the Prades team at 8:30 p.m. for the first match of the return phase.

The two U15F teams will be away, team B in Vergèze for a match at 1:30 p.m. and team A in Bouillargues at 2 p.m. The U15G will travel to Carcassonne. Sunday, the U17F will go to Bouillargues at 2 p.m. and the U18G will go to Montarnaud at 2:30 p.m.

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