The new OL boss is still paying for PSG

Since entering the capital of OL, John Textor has clearly identified his target: PSG. The person concerned gives a layer this Monday in the pages of L’Equipe.

In a few weeks, John Textor, the new owner of theLO newly inducted, will hold no less than 90% of the club’s shares. However, the person concerned readily admits, his personal fortune does not amount to 3 billion a time announced by the Gones themselves. ” No. I have enough money to have paid for my investments with cash, without a bank and without a partner. So. If the people of Lyon need an oligarch or a state that has money thanks to oil, it’s not me “, amuses the interested party from the outset in an interview granted to L’Equipe.

The first spade brought to the place of the PSG – club that the 56-year-old American has clearly identified as his new rival – the one who has moreover confirmed Jean-Michel Aulas in his role as president continues: “ Why not compete with Paris? If we bring European standards to young Americans, they will be just as good. Paris came to Florida with this stupid program from the PSG Academy, putting jerseys on everyone. The PSG people came and created this program, a license, and they told me that no child would go to PSG. And I thought: why? Why say that, come to Florida where there are Latinos and declare that not one of these children will be on the team? Why are you here ? To sell jerseys? If I can find eleven players in the world that you can’t find or buy, we can beat you. We won’t beat them every year but Lyon have already won against PSG. »

And to trumpet: We can win the championship. I believe the rules will change. It’s a bit as if PSG were the only French team, from the outside, but I know that’s not true. To be more equal, we have to find players they won’t find, increase our income and pay more. People don’t like seeing the same champions all the time. The first stage of the Textor revolution? ” Go back to C1, of coursereplies the businessman. At the club, they are confident. They have plans with the old and the young. It is very difficult for me to judge the level of the Championship. It’s a tough League, I’ve watched a lot of games but even though I own the club 90%, I trust, I hope they are right in their decisions. “And to confess that a final eighth place, like last season, would make him” depressed “. ” The club is well managed and has money. It would be horrible to finish eighth he concludes.

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