the Partridges must gain in realism

And this while revengeful visitors come forward, beaten at home against Blanquefort and who will logically seek to make up for their blunder. How can Aunis solve such a recurring problem in one week? The expected return of the Partridge Jade Bournel should give a little more consistency to its colors. It will be necessary because the rear base opposite will record the return of a taulière, namely Cristina Boyeldieu Ballesteros. “Back from vacation, she starts her season on Saturday,” says her coach Clément Guinot rather reassured. A technician who can only count on one goalkeeper (Gwenaëlle Cren) in Périgny.

At the stage of the maritime camp, the Euréliennes are still in the running-in phase. “We are not super stable, we are too irregular, we show several faces, we have to gain consistency. We made a good start in Lanester but then we failed at home. The girls are vengeful, I hope we have recovered from our last outing at home, that things will be better. Beware of struggling teams. We are 0-0,” concedes the visiting coach.

Bournel finally fit

Benoît Durand quickly identifies the mistakes of his protégés. “We have to focus on what we have to do. Yet last week we had started rather well (5-4), Albane Rocher made a good comeback. But afterwards we dare not take our responsibilities. We have waste in our transmissions, we lose balloons, we are punished in the great outdoors. Afterwards either we go too fast or with not enough intentions. Nor should we find excuses every time. The girls must dare, assume their skills. They have. We have to make sure that what they know how to do, they show it in matches. »

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