the Partridges of Aunis have a hierarchy to shake up

These two friendly oppositions confirmed the hierarchy of the division between the formation of the former Aunisienne Aurélie Tallon-Lhomedet (40-23; 13-35), the main thing was obviously to reconnect as much as possible with a match before the resumption of serious things. Because the maritime technician Benoît Durant had in mind the caliber represented by his evening host. And the importance of taking points at home, which faces the third thief of the podium will only be a mere formality. Indeed, Bléré won 22-13 against La Roche-sur-Yon during the third day last September.

Salardaine and Rocher wounded

The return of Loïse Ecalle should bring a little more experience to the collective, just like that of her teammate Maëlig Durand-Rête, recovered from her finger injury, and who will therefore be reintegrated into the maritime collective. “She has the green light” confirms her coach. In addition, goalkeeper Solenne L’Hour, who was from the N3 derby lost against Rochefort, will be the only sentinel since Estelle Forjonel is not yet able to apply.

Léa Salardaine and Albane Rocher, injured in training, “it’s Sarah (Le Gallo) – who played at La Roche – who plays with us”, ends Benoît Durand. His opposing counterpart Antoine Savé warns: “We stay in the same group as before the truce, which is always delicate; you have to be able to switch back to championship mode. In Périgny, we expect a difficult game because Aunis took points against good teams. It’s a club that has a D2 past and therefore a whole network. We will therefore come with humility, concentration and rigour. We fully intend to take points while knowing that Aunis needs them too, because apart from those that seem well above, everything remains to be done. »

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