The Paul Bourdonnec trophy as a tribute to the creator of golf in Begard – Begard

On Tuesday, the “Paul Bourdonnec trophy” will be contested, a competition organized in tribute to the creator of the golf course of Bégard. It must be said that Paul fought hard to give birth to this sport, in Begard. In 1987, the man and his wife, Annie, inherited an agricultural space, with a farmhouse where they set up rural holiday lodgings. In order to offer a leisure activity to tourists in residence, on a few hectares around the gîtes, Paul is developing a swin-golf course, a sport “derived” from golf. It is played with a three-sided club and a foam ball.

From swing to golf

A few sportsmen from the region of Begard come to hit the beauty of swin and create a club which knows encouraged successes. But the “swinners” also discover golf, and little by little the little white ball takes over. In 1994, Paul enlarged the playing field with twelve holes, six of which were mixed, swin and golf. The damage caused by wild boars in 1998 led to a redevelopment of the space. A nine-hole golf course is created. A new golf sports association is born. Almost permanently, Paul Bourdonnec works, drains, plants, develops and redevelops the land. The golf course is expanding. It then goes to twelve holes, then eighteen, approved in 2011.

A tribute in the form of a trophy

“This course, the fairways and the greens, the tree-lined facilities, are the work of Paul”, confides Annie. Paul, who died in November 2013, today it is Gaétane, their daughter, who has taken over the management of the golf course. “August 9 was his birthday and we had a little party every year. We wanted the “Paul Bourdonnec Trophy” competition, organized by the sports association, to take place on this date, in tribute”, punctuates his wife.

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