The Pays de Lesneven Handball wants to “rediscover the highlights” before the health crisis – Lesneven

The usual meetings at the start of the season were created this Thursday, September 22 in the Pays de Lesneven Handball. Like the highlights of the season, a whole machine has been in motion since mid-August. The Pays de Lesneven has the same numbers as last year, around 550 licensed players and 50 licensed managers. The club is organized around 26 members of the board of directors, three employees and three work-study students. All categories are complete since the beginning of September, except for a few places. 55 weekly sessions are managed by technicians, for licensees from 3 years old.

Former young people to level up the pennant teams

The objectives are above all sporting with the training of young people, to succeed in solid senior groups and aim for the progressive rise in level of the two flag teams. Three employees, the most trained, have been assigned to the categories articulated to target performance among young people, the U13 and U15. “On a human level, it will be a question of rediscovering the highlights of the seasons preceding the health crisis, in order to promote strong cohesion and that everyone finds their place in the association”, specifies Faustine Fily, co-president.

Sustain jobs thanks to partners

The club wants to perpetuate jobs thanks to the many partners who have joined the adventure. The PLHB would soon like to offer an adapted sports sector, in order to welcome a public in demand. Sylvain Knerr will lead the project. Two work-study positions have been targeted for communication and partnership development missions. The launch of a reflection for a club-specific tournament in 2024 will be launched this season. The next meeting will be Saturday, September 24 at 9 p.m., with the match for senior boys 1 in regional excellence against Morlaix, Salle Bodénès.

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