The Pogba affair ignites, his brother receives shattering news


The Pogba affair ignites, his brother receives shattering news

Published on October 4, 2022 at 9:00 p.m.

Injured and very uncertain for the World Cup, Paul Pogba is at the same time involved in a legal case alongside his brother, Mathias. Incarcerated for several weeks, the big brother of the 2018 world champion asked for his release, it was refused.

Paul Pogba is having a horrible 2022. Between his repeated injuries, his transfer to the Juventus who will quickly have turned into a fiasco and the controversy with his brother, Mathias Pogba, the French international has no respite. While he hopes to return in time to play the World Cup in Qatar, Paul Pogba would, at the same time, be the victim of an extortion attempt on the part of Mathias Pogbabig brother son.

Mathias Pogba has asked for his release

First indicted and heard by the courts, Mathias Pogba ended up being imprisoned. However, the world champion’s big brother has published around twenty additional videos on his social networks. Inside, Mathias Pogba continues its accusations against the midfielder of the Juventus. In the process, a request for release was made by his lawyer.

The court refused

But according to the newspaper information The Parisianthe investigating judges would have refused this request following the recent videos published by Mathias Pogba. The justice that explains videos showing the indicted as well as multiple messages containing renewed forms of pressure on Paul Pogba were published on September 23 on Twitter and TikTok accounts used by the person concerned “, and believes that” these recent elements questioned in an all the more serious way on the latter’s involvement, his intentions vis-à-vis the suspect and his position in relation to the facts for which he is indicted”.

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