the president of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) more than ever challenged

David Haggerty Imago / PANORAMIC

Less than a year from the elections, the American David Haggerty appears weakened, as the final phase of the centenary event begins on Tuesday.

The next ITF elections will take place in Cancun, Mexico in September 2023. And David Haggerty, in place for seven years, appears weakened when it comes to running for a third and final term. If he had been re-elected in the first round at the ITF general assembly in 2019, the American has not been treated since his popularity and is no longer unanimous in the small world of tennis. .

He has just suffered a new big snub. The member associations of the International Tennis Federation voted against its plan to recover the governance of international padel (FIP), which has been developing its discipline for 31 years, on Monday November 14 during the annual general assembly of the ITF which takes place distributed in Glasgow.

The national federations members of the ITF thus voted by majority against. Like France. Luigi Carraro, the president of the International Padel Federation did not hide his relaxation: “It is a victory for the independence and integrity of sport, for our players, for padel fans, and for all the institutions throughout the world of sport that promise and allow independence from other sporting bodies. We rewarded all the national tennis federations that challenged their own international federation and gave back their voice in favor of padel.»

In France, the FFT coordinates the practice of padel in close collaboration with the FIP. ” I ask the ITF to focus only on tennis and improve the Davis Cup “tweeted Gilles Moretton, president of the FFT. A very clear tackle to the president of the ITF more than ever weakened.

Responsible for the drastic reforms of the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup, Haggerty suffered a new failure with this failed attempt to recover the padel in the bosom of the ITF. And as the final phase of the Davis Cup begins today in Malaga, criticism is flourishing more than ever on the centenary event – which since 2019 and the arrival of the Kosmos group of ex-footballer Gerard Pique – does not stop fumbling. For the International Federation (ITF), in financial difficulty, the millions promised by Kosmos had been an unexpected windfall.

Pique’s group had offered a total endowment valued at 22 million euros for the first edition. The winning country receiving four times more (2.1 million euros) than in the old formula. Due in particular to the pandemic, the prize money has fallen in 2021 and in 2022, the economic model of the event remains fragile, even if Rakuten, the e-commerce giant and title partner of the first two editions has finally continued the ‘adventure. But, concerning TV rights, the sinews of war is more than ever vague.

The big chains are not rushing to highlight this new Davis Cup which has lost its luster and which should be played in front of almost empty stands in Malaga in the absence of the stars. Only two members of the top 10 are present this week. Not enough, a priori, to restore the image of the strong man of the international body of the little yellow ball….


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