The president of the tennis club, Annic Julian, wants to hand over

It is with a tear in her eye that Annic Julian closed the elective general meeting of the tennis club. Before the re-election of committee members, she announced that it was her last term and that in two years she wanted to step down. Before calling on volunteers, she justified herself: “Five years ago, I took a club that was almost empty. We were 101 members in 2018, we are more than 200 but I’m tired. I would like to be able to take a vacation. The objective of developing the practice recreational or competitive tennis is affected. It would bother me if the club could not continue and that will not happen without your help. We have to take care of the future and, in addition, we have two teachers to become a leader.”

Previously, in her moral report, the president pointed out, in terms of staffing, “a progression that exceeds all my expectations with, in 2021, 56 adults in training for 85 in 2022, and in children, 85 for 119. That makes, in training, 19 children’s groups and 17 adults. This is due to the good work of Yann Cuthberton-Smith, teacher, but that forced us to hire a second, Sébastien Daigremont.”

“We have reached the ceiling of our evolution”

An equally cautious president: “We will have to stop there. It is not for lack of ambition, but we have reached the ceiling of our evolution with only four tennis courts for leisure, friendly matches and the many competitors.”

On the sporting side, in 2021-2022, 22 teams were entered, 6 women, 3 young people and 13 men with the +45-year-old team which finished 1st, only winning victories. The 8-10 year old boys team also finished with 18 points, far ahead of TC Nîmes, Manduel and Aigues-Vives.

The treasurer, Aurélien Dollard, announced a healthy balance sheet. Membership is increased to €100 with a decreasing rate for families. Regarding infrastructure, course no. 3 was redone after the floods. And a few questions: “The lighting of the courts is also tired, won’t energy savings impact the duration of training in the evening? A project for free photovoltaic coverage of courts n° 4 had been submitted to the town hall three years ago but did not receive an echo.”

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