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French Cup (F): the program for the 2nd round

The posters for the 2nd round of the Women’s French Cup are now known! The meetings are scheduled for Sunday, October 2, 2022.

The program and rules:

Regarding the Computerized Match Sheet (IMF) :

Clubs are required to use the IMF for Coupe de France Féminine matches. Non-use of the IMF and late transmission are sanctioned by financial provisions (€25 fine in the event of non-use or non-transmission of the IMF within the deadlines).

Don’t wait until Saturday to put the tablets into service – Don’t forget that the preparation of meetings is done on the IMF site and that in order to be able to manage the IMF without it, you must first check the configuration of user accounts for the IMF – IMF use

WARNING : It is a national competition determined that the account of the leader who will be with the team on Sunday has his account set up correctly.

If the tablet malfunctions:

  • Provide a paper match sheet + the “Companion Footclubs” Application for verification of licenses (or failing that, an edition of Footclub licenses).
  • The club must transmit the Match sheet and the score via Footclubs
  • Inform the League’s competition service of the malfunction by official messaging, specifying the reason for the malfunction of the IMF and transmitting the information of the match

The IMF must be sent 4 hours maximum after the meeting.

Calendar reminder :

  • 3rd tour: October 16, 2022
  • Regional Final: October 30, 2022

Communication :


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