The Receiver. Football: away win

First day of the D1 championship for Sébastien Paulet’s men who traveled to Giroussens, a descending team from Régionale 3 at the end of last season. The game was going to be difficult for the Mygale but the score remained empty for a good part of the evening and we had to wait for the last half hour and the winning coaching from Sébastien Paulet. The orange coach brought in Ben Bosc who took the opportunity to score the winning goal in the 70th minute. A welcome victory before the reception of Lautrec on Sunday October 2 at Pountils. For its part, the reserve lost away against Albi-Marssac 3 by the smallest score of 1 to 0. Next Sunday at 3 p.m., the pennant team will receive in the Coupe d’Occitanie another team relegated from regional 3, Cambounet, who won on this first day of the championship in Lautrec, with qualification for the fourth round on the horizon.

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