The rookie that all of Bayonne dreamed of!

Passed by the hope pole of Rowing during his young years, Arthur Iturria (28 years old) will return to Bayonne next season. This Thursday, the Basque club announced that the international third line of Clermont, also capable of playing in the second line, had signed a four-year contract.

Born in Bayonne, passed by the pole hope of the bayonnais club, Arthur Iturria (28 years old) has on the other hand never worn the jersey of Rowing since his debut with the professionals, in Clermont seven years ago (he had posed his suitcases in Auvergne in 2012, among the juniors). This will be chosen done at the start of the school year. The native of the city will indeed evaluate the next season, and this for the first time in his career, under the colors blue and white. The Basque signed up for four years. This Thursday, the Bayonne club announced the arrival next season of the 28-year-old international third line with 15 selections – he has not been called up since who has only known Clermont since he discovered the elite . A sacred recruit in perspective for the promoted. The tweet published by Rowing also says a lot about the happiness for the current sixth in the Top 14 ranking to welcome this player trained in Bayonne and who then formed a solid record, including a title of French champion obtained in 2017, two years before winning the European Challenge under his same ASM colors.

“Re (Welcome) home Arthur! »

“First recruit for next season and no need to introduce him to you…. Arthur Iturria! The solid 3rd International line of Clermont is committed for the next four seasons to Aviron Bayonnais. (Re) Welcome home Arthur! », Rejoices Rowing, who could hardly imagine a better first reinforcement (and emotionally speaking and in terms of potential) for the next exercise. In Bayonne, Iturria will therefore find another ex-Clermont team-mate Camille Lopez, who arrived at the start of the season at Rowing. Midi-Olympic specifies that the Bayonne leaders have been working on the return of the first, also able to play in the second row, since last season. Despite the interest from Bordeaux-Bègles and Toulon, they were rewarded for their efforts.

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