The Royan-Saint-Georges Handball Entente in search of a new lease of life

Officially, the Entente speaks of a deficit of “50,000 euros”. The triple would be closer to the…

Officially, the Entente speaks of a deficit of “50,000 euros”. The triple would be closer to reality. Succeeding Patrick Gautier, Michel Salmon had accepted the presidency in this flawed context. Fourteen years later, this dean of handball in Royan left the presidency of the Royan-Saint-Georges Entente on June 24, which he first took ten years to refloat financially! “The situation has been restored since 2018, in fact”, confirms his successor, Sébastien Duval, acknowledging Michel Salmon for the thankless but necessary work he has had to carry out all these years to avoid the club stopping payments.

A “natural” involvement

In this long ascent of the slope, the Entente has survived, but also lost a little of the state of mind which animated it in its most glorious hours. “Revitalize”, such is today the objective of Sébastien Duval, 49, player of the Entente from 1996 to 2005, pushing up to National 2. “As a substitute…”. Coach for two more years, Sébastien Duval had since focused on his own professional activity.

His own son having been dismissed from the club since September 2021, Sébastien Duval has “naturally” regained a foothold there. Appreciating the restoration of the club’s accounting situation, but regretting at the same time the lack of associative life, an organization that could be improved. Sportingly, the men’s first team, which played last season in Excellence, was relegated to Honor for the 2022-2023 season, the lowest of the three regional divisions.

Reorganize, communicate

“With the help of the treasurer, Sandrine Claverie, Michel did an extraordinary job of financial recovery. In 2008, no one would have wanted his place. Now what the club needs is reinvigoration. Sébastien Duval immediately identified the projects to be carried out. “Reset a clear organizational chart, already. Including a sports commission, which no longer existed. Today, sports clubs rely heavily on their employees, in their operation, but it is necessary to find a link between employees and volunteers. »

A clear organizational chart must be put in place, already

This reorganization is one of the three axes of this “revitalization” already underway. Michel Salmon has agreed to assume the vice-presidency of the club for some time yet. “The first axis that I will develop will be communication, both internal and external. She had been a little weak in recent years. Two former members of the club will be particularly responsible for this, Jack Pitcho and Jérôme Beauvivre. »

Sébastien Duval must also expand the workforce of the Entente. “And for that, we are going to put in place concrete things to bring back former licensees, attract new ones, retain them. It will already go through the organization of a free pre-season course for young people born between 2010 and 2015, girls and boys, licensed or not (1). We also offer initiations in September, always free. It was done, but it was not made known. »

“Pleasure first”

From August 16, licenses will gradually resume training. With a new coach for the men’s first team. A child of the club, in reality, Dimitri Clain, Pontois for four years. He returns to Royan with three former club players as well. While his brother Alois, haphazard movements, will be the coach of La Tremblade, which reaches the same level as the Entente. The image will be beautiful, at the time of the first derby of the season.

But Sébastien Duval took the club’s second rebound since 2008 stage after stage. The sporting level of this first team will therefore be a subject. In the immediate future, the new president can breathe new life into the club, favoring the notion of “pleasure” in practice, especially among young people. “A team sport must first of all be a pleasure, that of getting together, of progressing together. The results must remain secondary. First of all, young people have to play sports. »

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