the Tennis Club is delighted with the attendance at its tournament

The results

During the consoling lady, Gaëlle Charrier (30/4) wins against Céline Keulen. For the 4e women’s series, it is Françoise Mais-Oppe (30/1) who wins against Nathalie Corp (30/3).

At the 4e men over 35 years old, Gilles Loubères (30/1) a beaten Vincent Vital (30/1). For the 3e in this same age group, Louis Stanizzo (15/3) lost to Stéphane Lamy (30). As for the 4e men’s series, Vincent Vital (30/1) won against Bertrand Robin (30/2). Finally, Eliot Chauvin (15/1) beat Sébastien Senay (15/1) in the final of the 3e men series.

These finals were followed by the awarding of prizes and cups, but also by a reception, in a sporty and friendly atmosphere.

The Tennis Club of Mézos has 50 members. Its volunteers are passionate and competent for this sport which they teach at the association’s tennis school. This sport is open to everyone, young and old. The best welcome will be made to those who wish to register.

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