the Tennis Club Lescarien “is doing well”

In addition, the defined objectives were achieved with the creation of the club’s new website ( by Robin Rousselle, with a new logo chosen by a vote of the members. He thanked the team of volunteers (Éric Rio, Jacques Leveque and Jean Philippe Sivadon) who carried out the maintenance work on the outdoor clay courts.

With regard to finances, the treasurer Philippe Fonchain gave positive news with a surplus operating result of €3,635.74 making it possible to consider self-financing investments for the future.

Renovation of two courts

On the sporting level, the club congratulated Christophe Martinet, crowned champion of New Aquitaine in his category and quarter-finalist in the French championship at Roland-Garros. The club has 17 teams involved in the various competitions (11 men, three women and three young people) and has organized two tournaments open to the season with 200 registered in February and 126 in June.

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